Hollywood-Theatres...be IN the movies.


...be IN the movies.

Welcome to Hollywood-Theatres

  • Your personal movie palace made in Germany

    Hollywood-Theatres is our business area, where we use our knowledge to realize High-End home-theatre installations.

    After becoming one of the biggest custom-installers in our home market Germany, we now offer our services to customers in many parts of the world, who are looking to get the very best.

    our pros, you will benefit from:

    • everything is completely done by ourselves, including the entire installation - from the planning up to the fine adjustments
    • we even run our own crafts enterprise, regarding wood and metal editing so we have a huge variety while working economically
    • our own screen brand & manufacturing: Image-Screens, which is one of the most reputated screens company in the world.
    • due to our screens, we have access to Hollywood, so we are good connected, to level up your home-theatre with latest technology

    But the most important point is something not technical related: we love movies for our life. To help them, being recreated at state-of-the-art in your home-theatre is our calling and we feel honored to do so every day.

  • be part of your favorite movies

    Home-Theatre is based on technical affairs, but when it comes together, all the devices, the room acoustics and especially the design,  has to culminate in emotions.

    We want you to feel like actual beeing in the movies itself - forget about the world taking place outside your cinema. Just press the button and immerse yourself in every movie you want.

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