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  • High-Tech solutions

    Hollywood-Acoustics is our own dedicated division to develop and produce room-acoustic related products unsing latest technology and materials, exclusively for beeing installed in our home cinemas.

    Most absorbers on the market prove themselves to be either not optimized for home-theatre, or simply don't offer a reasonable price/performance ratio.

    Every product has been carefully developed (we do a lot of simulation), but even more important: we also checked their real-life performance by installing them into our demonstration theatres, to ensure that you get perfectly working products for your home-theatre.

    Many of the below listed products are built by ourselves in our carpenter's shop, which is a big adventage regarding the economically production of customized Solutions.

  • Bafflewall

    The Basic element of every home-theatre is good designed bafflewall. Our approach is to use the bafflewall's volume for low and mid-frequency absorption.

    For this reason we equip our bafflewall with several layers of different absorbers, which are optimized to damp even at 20 Hertz that effectively, so there is no need to integrate expensive and ineffective Helmholtz Resonators anymore.

    Every bafflewall is based on several 38mm thick wooden struts, where the speakers and subwoofers can be built into. Finally the whole bafflewall gets covered with our transparent fabric.

  • DSP subwoofer system

    Our DSP subwoofer system is designed to be installed into our bafflewall system, using its absorbers as chamber, to deliver a performance you most probably haven't heard before.

    Based on up to eight 15 inch long-stroke drivers, beeing driven by individually calibrated DSP-amplifiers this system achieves a -3db performance far below 20 Hertz !!

    And even more important: due to the big volume and the missing of common cabinets, the system runs very(!) precisely and fast - without any distortions, while delivering bone-breaking dynamics and volumes.

    For those reasons our DSP subwoofer system is the first choice for music AND movie applications.

  • Diffusor

    When it comes to high frequencies, we usually try to avoid getting the room overdamped by using one of our diffusors.

    They are built according to your home-theatre regarding their dimensions, acoustical behaviour and finish.

    With our Hollywood-Acoustics diffusors your listening experience will be improved a lot - the Sound will feel more spacious and the speakers feel much better merged together.



  • Acoustic ceiling

    Without any doubt, the ceiling is major part of any room acoustic concept. Our acoustic ceiling has four built in functions, which vastly improve the home theatre's Performance.

    1.) highly absorbant materials, optimized for low and mid freqencies.

    2.) the acoustic ceiling contains small built in diffusors in the rear section.

    3.) The acoustic ceiling allows a perfect stealth integration of speakers.

    4.) The ceiling is covered with acoustic transparent light absorbant fabric.

    As an special option, you can get the ceiling with black-velvet coated fins near the screen. This is the best option for avoiding any(!) kind of ceiling reflections, coming from the screen.



  • side elements

    We try to build every single home-theatre to match the common white-book specifications, but in many times it turnes out, that placing the front left + right speakers behind the screen does not end up in beeing perfectly positioned.

    For those cases, we developed side elements, which allow your speakers to be positioned directly at the wall, and delivering room acoustic functions at the same time.

    Our all new "Atmosphere" Elements even contain large diffusors facing the audience, which vastly improves the sound of the whole theatre.